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Dashmesh Public School is a school with a difference. It has a message and it has an exalted aim. The message given by our beloved Gurus which has been enshrined in the school motto:

Vidya Vichari Taan Parupkari

It means that he who has a balanced personality steeped in spiritual values and does good to others is learned indeed.
Dashmesh Public School is named after 10th Guru – Guru Gobind Singh Ji. His teachings are a great source of inspiration for our school and we try to follow his teachings at each and every step.
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01 Jan 2017
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The need of communicating fluently in the English language has today became an unavoidable success factor in most of the profession. English mentor is the destination to learn fluent spoken English and develop strong confident personality so that challenges of tomorrow can be handled. This programe has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the requirements of learners from every grade so that spoken English is learnt in fun and interesting environment.

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Nothing beats a child armed with health! That’s why, HealthChamps focuses on proactively involving students, teachers and parents towards championing health today, so every child gets a solid chance to be a leader tomorrow. HealthChamps is the first ever comprehensive preventive healthcare solution. Based on the CBSE Comprehensive School Health Programme and National Health Policy Guidelines, Health Champs combines the latest web technology and guidance from healthcare experts.