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iguardian is a parent’s delight. It provides sought after information about the child in a systematic manner. It tracks the child’s academic and non-academic progress and helps parents identify areas requiring immediate attention. Effectively, it gives them access to the school and knowledge about the schools activities, programs, circulars, etc. Parents can thus, have a more meaningful participation with the teachers. As the information is sent via sms to parents easy accessibility and awareness can be created among the parents. The parents can specifically mail the class teacher or the subject teacher for any query.

The benefits of iguardian to Parents are as follows:

1. Regular updates on Child’s Performance and Participation in various examinations & co-curricular activities.

2. Regular SMS on other school activities & updates.

3. Continuous communication of Parents with Class Teacher & Subject Teachers.

4. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of Student Performance.

5. Daily updates on class and home assignments/test syllabus, absentee SMS

6. Increased participation by teachers, students and parents for holistic growth of the students.

HealthChamps – India’s first ever comprehensive preventive healthcare solution for health promoting schools. Based on the CBSE Comprehensive School Health Programme and National Health Policy Guidelines, HealthChamps combines latest web technology and guidance from healthcare experts.

Services delivered under Health Champs are:

1. Online platform for teachers, students and parents to manage and track every student’s health

• Create and maintain each student’s health record, including medical screening report, first aid provided, prevalent health complaints and medicines taken from the school nurse.

• Inform parents through mobile messaging service about their child’s health status and requirements, such as illness complaints, medicines given, follow up treatment suggested by school nurse, etc.

• General health check-up, ENT, Eyes and Dental health screening for each student done by Doctors twice a year.

• Nutritional and psychological counseling to help students cope with issues such as alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse, sexual-health, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy nutrition and adolescent behavior.

• Sustainable and effective health-club initiatives aligned to CBSE for Health Promoting Schools; aimed at generating students’ interest through experiential learning activities.

2. Disaster management training, first-aid training and environmental health seminar for students and staff

• Disaster management training

o Provided by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)

o Aimed at demonstrating how knowledge can be applied in real-life situations to save life and resources

• First-aid trainings

o Focused on equipping students and staff with life-saving skills and helping them be an asset to the community where the first 3 minutes after an accident are crucial

• Environmental health seminars, Help understand the co-relation between environment and individual health.

3. Seminar on health-related issues for parents The seminars are the key touch-points to actively involve parents in helping schools promote health; the seminars will be based around age-specific issues (early learning, nutrition, adolescent health, etc.).

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