About Us

Dashmesh Public School is a school with a difference. It has a message and it has an exalted aim. The message given by our beloved Gurus which has been enshrined in the school motto:

" Vidya Vichari Taan Parupkari "

It means that he who has a balanced personality steeped in spiritual values and does good to others is learned indeed.

Dashmesh Public School is named after 10th Guru – Guru Gobind Singh Ji. His teachings are a great source of inspiration for our school and we try to follow his teachings at each and every step.

Tenth of the Sikh Gurus, Guru Gobind Singh Ji(1666-1708 C.E.) lived during an extremely dangerous time. His father, Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, had sacrificed his own head to protect freedom of religion for Hindus, who were being threatened with conversion or death by zealous Muslim rulers. Abduction of women and pillage of goods were rampant, but the people were too timid and terrorized to resist. In the midst of this political situation, Guru Gobind Singh Ji gained great stature as both saint and soldier: a leader of firm spiritual principles and intense devotion to God, and at the same time, fearless dedication to protecting all people from oppression and injustice. In 1699, he dramatically initiated five men from the lower castes as his Five Beloveds, blessing them with great courage as well as nearness to God.

They became models for the Khalsa, the order of the pure which Guru Gobind Singh Ji created to stand on the front line against injustice. The Khalsa were held to a very strict moral and spiritual discipline and under Guru Gobind Singh Ji's courageous inspiration, helped to turn the tide against Mughal oppression in India. In addition to his spiritual and military leadership, Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a gifted intellectual, and had many poets in his court. He was inspired to write many powerful spiritual compositions, including Jaap Sahib Ji, but did not include them in the Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. His writings have instead been collected in a separate volume, called the Dasam Granth.

Upon his passing away, he instructed his Sikhs to regard the Guru Granth Sahib Ji as their teacher. Guru Gobind Singh Ji is greatly revered at Gobind Sadan, for he is one of the two figures who began appearing in vision to Baba Virsa Singh Ji when he was a boy and who continues to guide and bless his work. Use Gobind Sadan search engine to find what Baba Virsa Singh Ji says about these: Guru Gobind Singh Ji , Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, Five Beloveds, Khalsa, Jaap Sahib Ji, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Dasam Granth.

Objectives of the school

D- Develop the child in educational, physical, mental, cultural, religious and social fields.
A- Aim high standard of all round excellence.
S- Secularism and National Integration.
H- Harmony and Humanity.
M- Moral Duties and Brotherhood.
E- Energetic Social Service.
S- Sarbat Da Bhala’ well wishing for one and all.
H- Help the helpless untiringly.

The school started in 1980 with a few students and was on the stage of closing due to the riots of 1984. But with the sincere efforts of members of the Managing Committee and with the blessings of Dashmesh Pita the school has made significant Progress and small budding plant grew into a giant tree. This success could become reality only due to the untiring efforts of S. Balbir Singh Ji, the present Chairman of the school. It is under his sincere guidance that today this school is a center for examination and classes for N.I.O.S. and N.C.W.E.B. (B.Com., B.A.) Also the strength of the school has increased from a handful of students to more than 2400.

This School is not merely a Physical structure but it is a dedicated institution which aims at providing its students with the most significant character comprising, dynamism, loyalty, self confidence and excellence in academic and other spheres of life. Today there are 2400 students on school rolls. If we define school it includes academics, sports, co-curricular activities etc. Many activities related to various departments are organized round the year.

The school aims at imparting education of a high quality with emphasis on physical, Intellectual and Spiritual Growth. The school strives to develop the character individuality of the student through a well balanced combination of general education and co-curricular activities. The emphasis on divinity is a special feature of the School. The aims and objectives are being fulfilled by a team of highly qualified, efficient and experienced staff.