1. Parents are not allowed to take away their ward during the school hours for petty reasons.
2. Parents are not allowed to enter the classes.
3. Application seeking leave or absence for the child must be sent by the parents/guardian without fail. In case of absence of the child without any information to the school for more than 6 consecutive days, the name of the child can be struck off from the school rolls.

1. The fees and other charges are payable by 10th of each month, Note: Rs 5/- late fee per day after due date till 20th, Rs 10 per day from 21st to 25th and after 25th Rs 250/- will be charged.
2. If the payment is not received by the last date of the month, the name of the child can be struck off from the school rolls without nay notice to the parents. The child can however be re-admitted on payment of Rs 250/- as re-admission fee along with all previous dues within one month. After that it shall be treated fresh admission.
3. Fee for March shall be collected with the February bill for all classes. All dues should be cleared before the Annual Exam i.e. in the month of February.
4. A student is required to pay full month's fee for the month in which he/she is withdrawn.

For Sikh Students Only

Parents of Sikh students should give an undertaking that their wards will not trim their hair otherwise the students will be expelled from school without assigning any notice or warning.


The school provides transport to the students in localities within the catchment areas of the school. The buses are available to take the students to and from the school. Those availing this facility will be picked up and dropped at the stop fixed by the school authorities. It is essential to give one month's notice before a pupil decides to discontinue the school bus.

1. School transport charges are payable 11 months in an academic year.
2. No student is allowed to use school transport one way on half payment. The charges will be levied on strictly to and fro basis.
3. Shifting of a child from one locality to another does not entitle him/her to the use of the school transport unless bus serves that locality.
4. Student availing school transport facility cannot discontinue it in the mid-session.

1. Do not stand behind or in front of a bus or any other vehicle, as the driver will not be able to see you while reversing.
2. Do not try to board or jump off a running bus.
3. Do not try to board or get down from a bus in middle of a road.
4. Do not stand on the foot board of a bus/vehicle.
5. Do not lean or peep out of the door/window of the bus/vehicle.
6. Smaller children should not cross the road unescorted.

1. Leave seat(s) nearest to entry/exit door for your teacher(s) accompanying you in the bus.
2. Step into or out of the bus only when it is at rest or comes to a complete halt.
3. Board into or get down from a bus in an orderly (disciplined) manner.
4. Put your bag under the seat or at the specified place.
5. Walk on the pavement of the road.
6. Before crossing a road, look to right, then left and then to right in order to see whether the road is clear. Cross the road only if it is clear from speeding vehicles.
7. Cross a road over the Zebra-Crossing or at least just past the traffic light.