Dashmesh Public School (Vasundhra Enclave, Delhi) is a co-educational English medium school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The school aims at imparting education of a high quality with emphasis on physical, Intellectual and Spiritual Growth. The school strives to develop the character individuality of the student through a well balanced combination of general education and co-curricular activities. The emphasis on divinity is a special feature of the School.
We at the institution strictly adhere to all the guidelines prescribed by C.B.S.E. and keep up with the changing trends so as to nurture both cognitive and holistic development.


The main objective of the syllabus is to aim at all round personality development of the child. The various aspects of child development are:-
Socio – Emotional development :- From time immemorial, it is believed that family is the first institution where a child learns basic mannerisms. However, growing up amongst peers develops leadership skills and the child learns to share and co-operate. In other words he develops a pro-social behavior.
Fine Motor Development:- The children are encouraged to draw and color freely to express their feelings. A creative expression is provided through paper tearing and pasting, paper folding, clay work etc are also done for the muscle co-ordination. The children are also encouraged to do small tasks like tying their shoe laces, buttering their shirts etc, which makes them more independent and confident.
Cognitive Development :- Our curriculum is designed to enhance cognitive development which includes sensory development, memory and observation, mental sequential thinking, problem solving and concept formation.
Language Development:- This includes four skills-learning speaking, reading and writing. Writing needs motor control and eye- hand co-ordination. Lots of art and craft activities are designed for this development.
Environmental Awareness:- Our native land, the earth is undoubtedly a unique planet. We are fortunate to live on this planet. Environmental education enables the students to get an insight of our problems and the ways and means to tackle them.
Value Education:- Children assimilate what is taught in the class room along with what they see, to create their own individual set of values. These values will determine children’s attitude and action for the rest of their lives. We hope that we succeed in making our children better human beings.
Computer and Smart Classes:- Computer and smart classes are an integral part of curriculum.
Apart from the above mentioned activities, school is providing a wide range of other outdoor activities that includes races, sand play, team games, splash pool activity. Children are taken for nature walks to create awareness of the environment.


 Emphasis in developing students “Expression Skills” along with reading and writing skills.
 Emphasis on Good expression to use words appropriately.
 Emphasis on value based education and understanding of the concept without any stress.
 Inculcating reading habits through class libraries.
 In house activities for polishing communicative skills.
 Using tools like flash cards, charts, modules, live examples that will prove to be an excellent way to clarify ideas and concepts.
 Using “Audiovisual Aids” to develop cognitive ability of recognition and recall of the students.
 Children are also exposed to rhymes, stories shown on Smart Board where a child learns how to express oneself confidently.
 Students also engaged in various activities like “Show and Tell” where they will learn to speak two to three lines on any topic learnt in the classrooms with expression.
 Emphasis on activities and experiments to develop scientific temperament.
 Adventure camp, trips and excursions are held to make learning enjoyable.
 Organizing Psychology and nutrition workshops for the overall development of the students.


 English Mentor Lab for the enhancement of language skills both oral and written through free and fearless expression of ideas.
 In house activities for polishing communicative skills.
 Emphasis on team spirit through projects work in computer lab.
 Organizing Psychology and nutrition workshops for the overall development of the students.
 Adventure camp, trips and excursions are held to make learning enjoyable.
 Emphasis is laid on value based and conceptual knowledge of the curriculum.


 The School strictly follows the CBSE curriculum.
 Science, Commerce and Humanities are the academic streams offered at +2 level.
 Various combinations of subjects of choice are offered.
 For scientific attitude providing complete access to Science Lab, Maths lab, Computer lab and library for study and research requirements.
 Fine Art & Home Science Room is equipped with all the necessary equipment recommended by CBSE to enhance the creativity of the students.
 Physical Education is introduced as a subject in school and lays stress on “Health for all”.
 In house activities for polishing communicative skills.
 Career oriented workshops for the exposure of different courses after +2 levels.
 Nutritional and psychology workshops from professionals for the overall development of the students.
 Focus on preparing students for the prescribed CBSE Syllabus through result oriented training/workshops.

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