Why counseling sessions for students are required ?

Counseling is a very important ingredient in shaping students’ behavior and performance especially in schools. In a school setting nowadays, there are many cases which need to be handled by a trained counsellor. These issues include; psychological, family issues and above all indiscipline cases; which, if not handled professionally, can lead students to making wrong and uninformed decisions.
School Management has tied up with a team of trained counsellors who will counsel students on set days between scheduled timings as per the given schedule IVth Monday of every month during school hours These counsellors are empathetic towards students with strong sense of judgment, listening skills, ability to follow up the counseled students and above all, to give recommendations to the administration to solve such issues.

How important is it for parents to contact counsellors ?

Parents can contact a school counsellor to help their children with a variety of issues, such as academic achievement; new school registration, orientation and transition; test interpretation; special needs; student crisis situations; family transitions; and higher education issues. Parents often have many obstacles to overcome, such as culture, language, and their own bad experiences in school, a lack of understanding or feeling intimidated.

Our Management encourages parental involvement and ensures that the school counselor is available to address the concerns & queries of parents at PTM’s to be held in the following months:
6th May 2017
5th Aug. 2017
7th Oct. 2017
9th Dec. 2017

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