Safety & Security

School safety and security process:-

Student safety is of utmost importance at Dashmesh Public School. With reverence for the forces of nature and nurture.

Safety parameters:-
1.) Police verification of 100% contractual support staff is undertaken before they are hired and that includes drivers, conductors, catering staff, cleaning staff etc.
2.) The entire staff members deployed in school premises wear their uniform and carry their ID Card.
3.) Their attendance is marked daily at the entry gate and their phones are deposited as soon as they enter the school premises.
4.) The support staff inside the academic block is predominately female.
5.) Each washroom area is under the surveillance of the maids. The male cleaning staff is under the strict supervision of supervisors.
6.) The bus drivers and attendant are restricted to earmarked area i.e outside the academic zone where they stay for the duration of school hours.
7.) Various guards including one armed guard is deployed at all the entry gate including for the safety and security of students.
8.) Periodic briefing, trainings and welfare activities for the support staff ensure that they have a sense of belongings and attachment to the school and help developed deep affection for the school and motivation for their work.
9.) CCTV cameras are installed at each and every corner of the school. Coverage of camera includes entry and exit gates, all classes, corridors and outside area of washroom of school.
10.) The coverage from CCTV is continuously monitored by our safety and security officer and recording is saved for ten to fifteen days.
11.) We also have periodic drills like fire disaster and earth quake disaster drills for the students and staff to practice evacuation in the shortest possible time.
12.) We have sound system in classes for giving any information in case of emergency.
13.) An out pass system is there for the children who leave the school early due to an emergency.

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